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The contents of this page have not reflected on the restatement announced on March 12, 2021.Please refer to this release for the details of the restatement.

Sustainability Report 2020

The Sharp Sustainability Report 2020 reports on Sharp's CSR efforts, which contribute to creating a sustainable society. Information on Sharp's activities in fiscal 2019 is disclosed in three sections—titled Environmental Initiatives, Social Initiatives and Governance—which are accompanied by a variety of relevant data.

Policy for Information Disclosure

Non- Financial Information (ESG Information)


  • Sustainability Report
  • Green Procurement
  • CSR Procurement
  • For Suppliers
  • Environmental Information
  • etc.

Sustainability Report
(This report)

ESG Information

Financial / Non-Financial Information

Investor Relations

  • Annual Report
    (Integrated Report)
  • Consolidated Financial Results
  • Fact Book
  • Corporate Governance
  • etc.

Annual Report
(Integrated Report)

Period Covered:

Fiscal 2019 (April 2019 to March 2020)
However, some actual facts prior to and after this period, as well as subsequent policies, objectives, and plans, are also included.


Sharp Corporation, along with its domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates.

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Environmental Data

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Environmental Initiatives at Sharp Plants