Business Philosophy

The Sharp Code of ConductⅢ. Disclosure of Relevant Information / Protection and Security of Information

1. To Disclose Relevant Information in a Timely and Appropriate Manner

  • ・ In order to fulfill our corporate accountability for shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, we will work to compile such information with an emphasis on accuracy and fairness. We will also work to increase the transparency of our business operations through the disclosure of significant corporate information related to our economic, environmental and social aspects in a timely and appropriate manner to these stakeholders.

2. Information Protection

  • 1) We recognize that divulging technological or business secrets (trade secrets) of the Sharp Group companies or trade secrets disclosed to us from third parties would cause a great loss to the Sharp Group companies and relevant third parties. We will manage and protect and secure these trade secrets appropriately in accordance with relevant national and local laws and regulations and internal company rules. We will not divulge or disclose trade secrets to others without the requisite authorization or permission, nor will we make use of a trade secret beyond its authorized intended purpose.
  • 2) We will strictly manage information about an individual, which has been obtained from customers, business partners, or employees. We will also use our best efforts to protect and secure the information in a way that prevents the contents from being divulged or tampered with.

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