Business Philosophy

The Sharp Code of ConductⅣ. Contribution to Conservation of the Global Environment

1. To Conserve the Environment

  • 1) We will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and regional agreements, and make voluntary efforts to practice effective use and saving of resources and energy, in the recognition that global environmental conservation is an essential facet of corporate and individual pursuits.
  • 2) We will work aggressively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all business activities, in order to contribute to the prevention of global warming.
  • 3) To deal with environmental issues on a global scale, we will promote the sharing and practical application of energy-saving actions and environmental conservation technologies among the Sharp Group companies in each country and work to contribute to reducing environmental load.
  • 4) We recognize that maintaining an eco-system where diverse living organisms coexist brings about a rich environment in which both corporations and individuals can operate and live. To that end, we will work actively to conserve biodiversity and promote the sustainable use of biological resources.
  • 5) In order to promote communication with local residents and other stakeholders, we will engage in acquiring environmental information at an international level, and providing internal reports thereof, and work to actively make disclosure to the local community and other stakeholders.

2. To Develop Environmentally Conscious Products and Services, and Conduct Our Business Operations in an Environmentally Conscious Manner

  • 1) We understand the importance of internal company systems and the efforts needed to enhance measures based on Sharp Group’s environmental policy, and we will observe relevant internal company rules.
  • 2) Toward the minimization of our consumption of natural resources such as energy, water, minerals, and the like, we will positively engage in reduction in the size and weight of products, use of recycled materials, and the development of products and services that contribute to energy-saving, energy-creating and long life of products.
  • 3) We will work to compile information related to harmful substances that might damage the environment or human health, and will not, as a matter of principle, make use of these harmful substances in our products and services.
  • 4) We will ensure proper use and control, and also reduce our consumption of chemical substances in our business activities, including research, development, and manufacturing, at levels meeting or exceeding those stipulated by laws and regulations.
  • 5) We will, as a matter of policy, design recycling-conscious products with structures that are detachable and decomposable and will use recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • 6) As to the resources needed for business activities (equipment, raw materials, subsidiary materials, tools, etc.), we will work to select and purchase such resources that have the least adverse effect on the global environment, the local residents and employees.
  • 7) We realize that waste material is a valuable resource, and we will actively take part in maximizing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and minimizing the amount of final waste disposal.

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