Energy Solutions

Solar Farm Solutions

One-stop solutions of EPC, IPP, O&M

Recent Examples

One-stop solar solutions for every stage of the project

  • Site surveys
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Various regulatory approvals
  • Capital raising
  • Loans
  • Project financing
  • Design, engineering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Construction
Asset management,
  • Maintenance
  • Power generation monitoring
  • Asset management

Sharp provides solar power solutions by using its wealth of knowledge and exacting technologies. For everything from project development to power plant operation and maintenance, Sharp is your one-stop solar business partner.

Sharp carries out engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), in which it handles jobs such as the design, equipment procurement, and construction of power plants; conducts operation and maintenance (O&M) of plants; and occasionally takes the role of independent power producer (IPP), who sells the generated electricity to offtakers such as utility companies.

In addition, Sharp offers storage battery solutions in order to balance electricity supply and demand and thus ensure stable operation of the power grid.

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