Energy Solutions

Solar Farm Solutions

EPC / IPP / O&M Business

Project Development, EPC


  • With its solar business dating back to 1959, Sharp is the solar power pioneer.
  • Sharp solar products are all around: in homes, lighthouses, artificial satellites, and megawatt-scale solar power plants, to name just a few
  • With a proven record over more than half a century, Sharp enjoys a stellar reputation as a manufacturer of highly bankable solar modules
  • Sharp provides integrated support, from project development and installation to facilities operation. Project management utilizes construction methods founded in state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS and is carried out by highly skilled engineers.


IPP and Financing

  • Matching with investment partners, arranging of financing
  • Solar business projects through joint investment with other companies
  • Matching with IPP sponsors, providing financing support
  • Assistance in Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
    • JCM: Mechanism for providing developing countries with Japan's advanced low-carbon technologies, products, systems, services, and infrastructure. JCM helps developing countries achieve sustainable development, such as by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time helping Japan reach its emission reduction targets.
    • Sharp has so far successfully helped many partners make use of this financial support system.

O&M Business

Follow-up Services

  • Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure stable operation of solar power plants.
  • Sharp provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services that match the needs of customer projects; for example, providing remote monitoring and power loss compensation, and having specialized staff on call when needed.
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