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Together, with a Wardrobe of Solutions for a Carbon-Free Society

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners

I would like to inform you that I, Hirozumi Gokaku, am assuming a new assignment of President and Representative Director. These days, when looking around the world’s situation, we find it full of serious risks. There is a global spike in energy prices, there are inflation concerns in Europe, and emergence of geopolitical risks like the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis. On the other hand, efforts towards Carbon Neutrality are being accelerated, and even in our country, Japan, Achievement Goals have been set as 46% reduction in GHG emission by 2030 (compared with 2013), and to reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050.As a company expanding energy solutions business both in domestic and overseas markets, we would like to actively contribute towards a Carbon-Free Society, by taking in mind such global circumstances and finding the right fit in each case.

In the Japanese residential market, our energy management technologies that generate, store, and use clean energy wisely shall evolve even further. And linking that to our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-driven IoT devices, we shall continue our efforts to realize people-centric "smart life" in which optimal lifestyles are proposed by using AI.

In the mobility space, deployment of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is expected to grow dramatically in the future. So, we are developing high efficiency solar cells for EVs as well as the systems that connect homes with EV’s.

For business customers, while there is growing focus on promoting ESG and attaining SDGs, there is growing interest in contributing to environmental conservation by self-sufficiency of power by renewable energy. We shall reinforce our solutions to meet those needs. As part of this undertaking, we have already developed a “zero initial investment” solar power generation service, and have been receiving inquiries from many companies and fulfilling those by deploying our systems.

In the global market, we have established our first joint venture in Thailand to sell power to companies, and have started providing clean energy generated by PV systems installed on factory rooftops. We have received many inquiries, especially from Japanese firms with factory locations in ASEAN regions, and leading local companies. In addition, we shall continue our efforts to promote construction of large-scale solar power plants in and beyond the ASEAN region, aiming for further expansion in deployment of renewable energy on a global scale.

We shall continue developing together with you all, to realize a Carbon-Free Society.

Your everlasting support and kind cooperation in our global mission would be highly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,

Company Overview

Nature of business, history, and more

Company name Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)
Representative Hirozumi, Gokaku, President and Representative Director
Location 3-1-72 Kita-Kamei-cho, Yao, Osaka 581-8585, Japan
Business Planning, development, marketing, and servicing of residential solar power equipment, storage batteries, HEMS, etc.; design, installation, and maintenance of commercial solar power equipment; management of megasolar IPP projects; other energy solution businesses
Capital 422 million yen
Fiscal year-end March 31

CSR / Environment

Contributing to the SDGs through Business

Providing eco-friendly, energy-producing solar power systems to countries around the world to help solve the pressing energy challenges we face.
Making people's lives even better by providing energy solutions (systems and services) that can make clever use of electricity.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Sharp's journey in solar power systems, which began from this observation made by Sharp's founder, Tokuji Hayakawa: “If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine.”

SESJ has remained true to these words, and works consistently from development to sales, installation, and after-sales service in its domestic and overseas energy solutions business to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Specifically, through the expanding installations of solar power systems on rooftops of housing and factories to mega-solar projects, we are working to achieving goals 7 and 13 of the SDGs.

With a view towards promoting the use of renewable energy sources, we are also working to create smart homes that merge with people-oriented IoT home appliances. We are also creating new solutions, like self-consumption systems that efficiently link sower power systems with storage batteries and systems to cut peak demand to help achieve goals 11 and 12 of the SDGs.

Solar power plant (Quang Ngai, Vietnam)

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