Printer Driver Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Select the installation method to suit your environment.

  • Network Connection

    *Recommended installation procedure

    When users print data with your PC connected to the same network with MFP.

  • PS and PPD driver connection

    Used when printing with PostScript. PostScript (PS) is a page description language widely used in DTP. Especially suitable for printing data using PostScript fonts.

  • IPP port connection

    IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) allows you to print data on the MFP in a remote location via the Internet.

    Since it goes through the Internet, it is necessary to make consideration to security. SSL is used to encrypt and send print data, preventing data theft and tampering by third parties.

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Network setting

How to confirm and change the IP address of the MFP & How to confirm the network connection between MFP and PC.

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Setting after installation

How to set paper trays and/or finishers on the printer driver.
* The above setting is automatically finished in normal cases.

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Print test pages

If the driver is working properly, the test pages print successfully.
* The test page is usually printed during printer driver's installation.

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